WASSI Professional

This professional turbine controller as an innovative solution for small power plants

The program module of the WASSI Professional optimises the individual controls of up to four turbines of all types, no matter whether Francis, Kaplan, Pelton, or cross-flow turbines are involved, with the best possible adjustment to all situations thanks to the uniquely extensive parametrisation. This turbine controller was developed by us to promise reliability and high performance thanks to its self-explanatory user interface, excellent computing power, numerous years of proven software, and sophisticated hardware components. Security is guaranteed by the use of the most modern high-quality components (optical cable, Ethernet connection) and serial diagnosis options, which detect errors early on to prevent standstills.

Die Highlights

  • Optimised system for fully automatic operation of the entire power plant with 1-4 turbines
  • Extremely simple operation via touch screen with flexible settings options
  • Industrial PC with high reliability, data storage
  • Bus system connected to PC via optical waveguide transmitter
  • Remote controls