"Keep what works – solve problems – integrate modern technology"

As a specialist in the area of small hydropower plants, we are always in a position to offer flexible and innovative solutions for hydropower plants including your individual needs thanks to the intensive development of our products.

Besides optimal integration with the existing environment and individual customer requests, good operability is essential to system controls. Due to their complexity, or because functions are not used, the operation is often a reason why small hydropower plants are not untilised completely. For this reason, it is a special concern to us that the ideal interface between man and machine is produced.

In the context of commercial effectiveness, it is also sensible to reconsider the hasty replacement of existing robust but outdated operative systems. A modernisation of existing small hydropower plants will cover your needs completely in most cases.

Are you unsure about whether your small hydropower plants should be modernised or if it’s better to replace them? WASSITECH is happy to support you and provide you with advice in this area. Contact us to organise an appointment! Together, we will find the best solution for you according to the motto “Keep what works – solve problems – integrate modern technology”.

Our Services

  • Innovative solutions for environmentally-friendly and efficient energy generation
  • Revitalisation and optimisation of existing systems
  • Upgrading to newer systems
  • Individually tailored to your needs
  • Numerous years of national and international experience with diverse projects