WASSI Generator conversions

For future-oriented, commercially-effective operation

The slip rings and carbon brushes of synchronous generators of older makes foul power plant equipment due to carbon dust that is released, which results in generator wear. The efficiency of an older model also diminishes, since a part of the excitation current needs to be burned off via regulating resistors. These generator models are usually not equipped with a cos-phi regulator. Generation of insufficient reactive power can result in unnecessary costs. The restoration of the generators for hydropower plants is usually not cost-effective, since in addition to the generator, the generator mounting and the drive unit also need to be adjusted.

In case of a conversion, carbon brushes or other slip components are no longer needed. The existing exciter equipment is often replaced directly on-site with a modern electronic exciter with voltage and cos-phi (reactive power) regulation. This avoids additional costs resulting from insufficient reactive power production and maintenance costs for carbon brushes, since the electronic regulator does not burn off any power.

The extremely flexible PLC-based electronic controls of the WASSI AVR II are very flexible and are compatible with the WASSI Neptun and WASSI Professional turbine controllers, and they may also be used as a replacement for voltage controllers of other makes.